Welcome to the Butterfly Peace Path™

Our Butterfly Peace Path labyrinth brings a lot of safety to our young clients as they seek healing and transformation after trauma. It's a great calming place for our kids to walk when they're anxious or angry and are seeking some balance.”

Sheryl Anderson, Assistant to the Director, Bush Residential Services, St. Paul, MN (Bush is a residential treatment program for children with emotional and behavioral challenges)

Recently I walked our Butterfly with a kindergarten girl. She had absolutely refused to go to her classroom on the first day of school. But wouldn't you know it, after walking the labyrinth with me she was ready to go! We're so grateful for our Butterfly Peace Path!”

Curt Carpenter , Principal, Clear Springs Elementary School , Minnetonka , MN

We're totally in support of The Butterfly Peace Path. It's a great addition to our Peace Sites. It's a step beyond just talking about peace. It really helps our kids, teachers and administrators to truly know what peace feels like from the inside out.”

Kathy Millington, Board Member, World Citizen, Inc., Minneapolis , MN (Originators of the International Peace Sites)


“Powerful action towards peace begins
by taking one step and one breath at a time,
feeling the peace inside ourselves.”

William Grace Frost & Jackie Levin