Funding Ideas and Resources

There are many creative ways to raise funds for your Butterfly Peace Path. These ideas can be used to help defray the cost of design, materials, installation, or for staff training.

The single best way to “pay” for the majority of your installation costs is to recruit a strong contingent of volunteers. Each of the current Butterfly Peace Path sites have significantly reduced their overall costs with the help of parents, staff and community helpers sharing the labor.

1. PTO / School Fundraising Projects

  • Set up a budget line item for “Environmental Education” and ask donors to attach a note with their check: For the Butterfly Peace Path Fund.

  • Designate one month to focus on peace.  Create Peace Pledge packets and sell them for $1.00.  Post the pledges on a bulletin board for everyone to see.  Note: We can provide Peace Pledge packets at cost.  Contact us if you are interested.

  • If your Butterfly Peace Path will be made of brick pavers or rocks, offer an opportunity for the community to “buy” a brick or rock in honor of a loved one, and allow them to write a special message on the bottom of their brick or rock.

  • Initiate a “Pennies for Peace” campaign where students decorate empty containers and take them home for a month or more to collect loose change. Or do it in conjunction with local retailers.

  • Conduct a Bake Sale, Plant Sale, Car Wash, or sell gift wrap.

2.  Use your TARGET Take Charge of Education Fund monies

3. Request donations from parents and/or local businesses

4.  Utilize District Buildings & Grounds monies

5. Generate Box Tops for Education monies
Collecting General Mills Big G cereal box tops earns $.10 a piece.

6. Grants
We are currently identifying sources and individuals who can assist in this area.  If you have information to share and/or would like to be part of this effort, please contact us.

7. Sponsors
We are currently identifying companies, organizations and individuals who would be interested in supporting or sponsoring Butterfly Peace Path installations and/or training.  If you have ideas to share and/or would like to be part of this effort, please contact us.

8. Get Involved!

  • Donate money to International Peace Site Schools who currently have a Butterfly Peace Path and wish to offer training for staff, students and/or the community.
  • Volunteer to assist in the installation of a Butterfly Peace Path in your community.
  • Get your company or organization to sponsor a Butterfly Peace Path in your community/school.


“Powerful action towards peace begins
by taking one step and one breath at a time,
feeling the peace inside ourselves.”

William Grace Frost & Jackie Levin