William Grace Frost and Jackie Levin,
Co-Founders of the Butterfly Peace Path

William Grace FrostWilliam Grace Frost, Wake-Up Coach, Landscape Artist & Corporate Creativity Consultant

William designs and builds one-of-a-kind sacred landscapes: labyrinths, Zen gardens, medicine wheels & exquisite rock cairns.  The Butterfly Peace Path is an original labyrinth design born of William’s innovative artistry.

He, along with his wife, Quiana Grace Frost, is the co-founder of Ekstasis: Moving You Beyond. William and Quiana combine cutting edge processes and ancient wisdom practices in their transformative work with individuals, couples, groups, communities and Fortune 500 organizations.
Through their leadership, coaching, consulting and facilitation they powerfully assist people move beyond their limiting “status quo” into the freedom and realization of their next level of creative expression and consciousness. William and Quiana offer seminars teaching their transformational processes of Radical Creativity™, Quiet Mind™ problem-solving, Sacred Relationships and Living in Integrity: Aligning with Values.

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Jackie LevinJackie Levin, Winged Visionary, Life Coach,
Peace Educator & Entrepreneur

Jackie has designed a wealth of life resource tools and guided self discovery experiences that inspire individuals to bring the full expression of who they are into the world. As a co-founder of AbleNet, Inc. Jackie has led the development of products and curriculum worldwide that offer a means of independence and fulfillment for individuals with disabilities.  Jackie’s collaborative partnerships with International Peace Site Schools create a powerful context for educators, students and administrators to foster personal and inter-personal connections that help reduce stress, resolve conflict and achieve a peaceful balance in their daily lives.

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